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Use at your own risk!

Hi all. The title of this site is somewhat misleading. Think of this blog as more of a public logbook than an authoritative tutorial. After looking here for the first time in ages, I have realised that most of the information serves to confuse, rather than to help newcomers.

I have moved all of the pages of this website into a single area called “old site”. Much of the material in there shows you the hard and convoluted way to do things. I have now been converted to using Microsoft’s compiler.

Maybe you’ll find interesting bits-and-bobs here but don’t take any of it too seriously.

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  1. xaviour
    February 13, 2010 at 10:26


    I am interested in learning more about what functionality a vst plugin has in terms of communicating with it’s host DAW software.

    For example, can one write a plug-in to for example automate mixing down each track into seperate files? So in this case the plug-in would tell the DAW to solo track 1 and mix it down to a WAV or mp3. After that is complete it will then solo track 2 and mix that one down, and so on and so on. Then when that task set is complete the VST will then record the bpm, time signature, number of tracks, name of tracks, volume levels, pan levels, name of VSTs currently active on each track, the settings (or patch) of each VST, etc.

    Could this be possible? Or are there limitations to what internal DAW info the VST has access to?

    Thanks for your time 🙂


    PS I am subscribing to comments feed since I look forward to hear your reply.

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