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python and vst in harmony

I’ve seen that my short post a while back has generated quite a few hits to my site from people searching for “python vst” and similar on Google. For those here looking for a way to program plugins using python fear not! I am actively developing this when I find time, but time is a little tight at the moment!

I’ve got some basic python stuff integrated with c code now after finding some helpful tutorials on the code project website here and here. I’m just trying to get numpy to play nice with c style arrays and then I’ll get something out soon as possible. Ability to pass numpy arrays will allow the python programmer to use all of the functionality built into scipy for filtering and ffts etc.

The code project tutorial linked above also gives threading advice, so it may be possible to make some pretty serious plugins. The plan at the moment is to compile a dll, which will search its directory for a python script of the same name and then run all of its processing from there. The aim being to keep things as neat and as simple as possible. Back to reading the numpy api for me!

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