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pyVST – A python wrapper for vst

March 20, 2009 2 comments

Interpreted languages are an awsome way of realising ideas very quickly, even if you eventually want to hard code your projects in C. I’ve been looking into python more and more recently (since using SCons as my C++ build tool), and have been having some luck with the numPy package for efficient matrix and array mathematics (gives MATLAB type functionality, but for free). Python is also very easy to integrate with C code.

I’ll try to get something up and running in the near future where you have a pre-compiled dll (and eventually the equivalents on other os) which acts as the gateway between your vst host and Python. This is intended to be a very similar project to jVST, enabling python programmers to achieve similar ease of development. I’m sure it is much better to worry about the DSP and sound quality of your plugin at first without the faff involved with the C++ language and constant compile, recompile cycles.

Keep watching this space and I’ll keep reading up in my spare time and eventually start a source forge project or something similar. Should be fun!


FFT Windows

I’ve been tinkering with FFTs quite a bit recently, and have never propperly looked into the different windowing options available to prevent leakage problems. Anyhow, I have found a nice document which explains the pro’s and con’s of each type in “for dummies” language and thought I’d share on my blog.

FFT windows